Government views Monarch Butterfly Releases as a threat to We stern Milkweeds

James Kruse fnjjk1 at
Fri Dec 7 15:30:37 EST 2001

on 12/7/01 8:14 AM, Paul Cherubini at monarch at wrote:

> that some scientists are urging that new research studies need to be
> carried out to determine whether or not monarchs actually constitute a
> threat to long lived perennial milkweeds.
> Example:
> Prof. O.R. (Chip) Taylor offered the following comments yesturday
> on dplex-l:
> Does herbivory by monarch larvae, if it occurs, actually constitute a
> threat to long lived perennial milkweeds? "

Well, if we have to start spraying pesticides against the dreaded "monarch
threat" to protect milkweed... then the whole Bt corn pollen flap is a
non-issue! Soon we will all starve when farmers can no longer plow fields
with milkweed interspersed with the crops - hey, now there's an answer to
the overpopulation problem!

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