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Dear colleagues,

Our website about beetles / coleoptera on has been

You can look on earth from 100's different satellites in real time  in
section <other useful things> <Locality search>
You can search fir any locality in section <FAQ>
You can download special program for naturalists and webmasters in section
<software house>
there is Free delta program,  true font (male female symbols) and FREE very
good ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM, free font, graphic, bullets in section <Interested
for internet?>
You can search Organism names, Journal Index etc. in section <Other useful
things> <For taxonomists>

We have updated Entomologists glossary on front/index page.

and front index page you can subscribe free newsletter/ discussion forum for
anyone who is interested for beetles / coleoptera.

and more..


Keep care and be of good cheer.


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Coleoptera - Australia, Tenebrionidae of World
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