Government views Monarch Butterfly Releases as a threat to We stern Milkweeds

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Tue Dec 11 00:23:15 EST 2001

Stan wrote:

> I have read Dr. Oberhauser's statements you submitted in this
> forum, and I did not have any difficulty in understanding what she is
> saying. 

Stan, perhaps you might be able explain to me and the list how a
modest amount of human assisted shipping of Minnesota monarchs to Maine
(or vice versa) has even a slight chance of disrupting the genetic structure of 
the recipient population or how these introductions could make it difficult 
for a researcher to study that structure in late summer.  Please try and use
a reasonable mathmatical model to demonstrate the scientific validity of 
Dr. Karen Oberhauser's concerns.

On the other hand, if you advocate a zero risk impact standard,
there is no need to model anything. 

Paul Cherubini


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