Butterflies of Quintana Roo or Yucatan

Patrick Foley patfoley at csus.edu
Tue Dec 11 15:13:21 EST 2001

In the few precious moments we have before God or the aliens bring it
all to a close,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a book on butterflies of Yucatan?
My family leaves for there in one week, and looking over my copy of
DeVries Butterflies of Costa Rica and a checklist for Sian Ka'an, I
realize that less than half the Yucatan species in DeVries. I do have
Beutelspacher and Howe 1984, Mariposas de Mexico, but it covers just
Papilionidae and is about 1 x 2 feet in size, the strangest shaped field
gude I have ever seen.

Any book stores in Cancun that have any natural history?

Patrick Foley
patfoley at csus.edu


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