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    I oppose extra-natural butterfly releases of all species, but hardly
consider them atrocities. Painted Ladies and Monarchs are the safest to
release since they are so (but not completely) panmictic. Hopefully the
increase in disease risk and the loss of isolation caused by human
releases is negligible compared to the level set by their own wanderings.
I am not part of a movement to end such releases, but I regret them, and
I suspect the motives of those who support such releases.
    If we could draw the line at screwing up just a couple of species,
life could go on. If we accept the inevitable human co-option of all
natural systems, life as we know it will not go on. Most of it will go

Patrick Foley
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butrfly at wrote:

> Dr. Foley
> While you are answering Mark's question could you also explain why
> all the horrendous atrocities that you tell us are created by the
> releasing monarchs would not hold also apply to Painted Ladies. They
> will now be distributed west to east or east to west, without a care
> in the world from the USDA or any other organization it seems.
> I am confused as to how the Painted lady is such a superior butterfly
> that it does not effect any genetic corruption or the transfer any
> diseases within its populations as you say the Monarch does.
> Thank you for your time and consideration.
> Rick Mikula
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