Fwd: Re: Cyna Blue @ VNC, RGV - Dec. 3

Andrew Warren warrena at mail.science.orst.edu
Tue Dec 11 16:17:36 EST 2001

In my experience, Zizula cyna has boom and bust years in Mexico.  Some
years it is rarely seen.  In 1997, the species was unusually common in
Nayarit, Mexico, in areas where it is usually scarce or absent.  Sandy
Upson and I collectcted three specimens of this blue in Garden Canyon,
Huachuca Mtns., Cochise Co., AZ on 4-X-1997- the same year the bug did so
well in W Mexico.  Based on my experiences with this bug in Mexico (and
those of Chris Durden), the status of this species in the US is probably
variable from year to year, based on local conditions and the severity of
the winter.

Andy Warren


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