Checklist of Limenitidinae or Limenitidini

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     I haven't seen a list and I somehow doubt that there is one, 
especially since we don't actually know what "Limenitidinae" is! The best 
classification of Nymphalidae by Don Harvey (in Nijhout's book on butterfly 
wing patterns) has a list of genera in what he considers to be 
Limenitidinae. However, Andy Brower's and my molecular work are showing 
that the subfamily Limenitidinae sensu Harvey is hopelessly paraphyletic 
(something that Harvey was aware of for sure). The tribe Limenitidini will 
likely turn out monophyletic, though I can't say much since I'm only 
sampling one species per tribe of the Nymphalidae (as my outgroups in my 
study of the subfamily Nymphalinae). In my own work, I've found it 
necessary to build up my own checklist of the subfamily Nymphalinae, by 
going through the latest taxonomical revisions for each genus (if there is 
one!). For anybody interested you can find the checklist to the Nymphalinae 
on my web site (address below). An excellent place to start with a 
checklist for Limentidinae is though you will have to 
figure out what you actually want to include in the subfamily yourself! 
Best of luck and keep us posted on your results.


At 13:13 13.12.2001 -0500, spm23 at wrote:
>High Listers,
>So here's an esoteric request: Can anyone point me to an accurate
>taxonomic list of all Limenitidinae or Limenitidini?
>I'm interested in more than just a list of genera.  I want a list of all
>species in this subfamily or the smaller tribe.
>Thanks greatly,
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