Government views Monarch Butterfly Releases as a threat to We stern Milkweeds

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> It's reports like this that help build Paul's credibility - regardless of
> motivation.
> When political parties embark on an agenda, they search for arguments that
> support their cause and then look for any supporting evidence.  No one would
> call this science.

This is precisely what Mr. Cherubini actually does do. His credibility
on a list is inversely proportion to the number of scientists on that list.
He was,as most people, know thrown off the Monarch Watch list for his
wierd consipracy theories. Just because at the moment his theories
seem a little less neurotic doesn't mean that they should be beleived.

I think I should point out to everybody that Mark Walker also
believes in "creation science". He is entitled to believe what ever he wants
of course. There are a number of very devoutly religious people on this
list who do not see belief in god at odds with accepting that evolution
is obviously true. (I am not trying to get at you Mark but your beliefs
will affect how people read your understanding of science and therefore
how much credibility your addoption of Mr Cherubini's position should be 

> For crying out loud - at least the releasers are choosing bugs that already
> have a global presence.  It's not like we're releasing Coppers,
> Checkerspots, or Fritillaries.

An examination of various archives will show that some of the people associated
with this actually DO advocate this kind of thing.

> I'm as environmentally concerned as the next person.  What I think Paul has
> done repeatedly here is present evidence NOT of how harmless pesticides are
> or how harmless butterfly releases are, but rather of how biased,
> unscientific, and hypocritical the arguments can be - and how bizarre it is
> that they be so thoroughly embraced.
> Mark Walker
> Oceanside, CA

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