Chuck Steer dsw2364 at
Sun Dec 23 06:49:25 EST 2001

Greetings all

Whether we are Christians, of another faith or non-religious, the wish
of peace on earth and good will to/among men is certainly something that
is embraced by all of humanity.  While the primary focus of Christmas is
the incarnation of God for a divine purpose (John 18:37a) - (something
that is accepted, debated or rejected the world over),  the above stated
first Christmas wish is one we all hope to someday see as universal

Against the backdrop of our current global trauma, my wish is for your
individual circumstance to be as "merry" as it can possibly be.

    Flame put to the candle
    will melt but wax
    and lighten a space.

    Love put to the soul
    will melt the heart
    and lighten a world.

    Light the flame of love
    that hope may spring eternal.




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