Painted Lady & American PLady

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Sun Jan 7 05:38:09 EST 2001

"Lastly - what I consider to be the telltale identifier - if possible, look
for the single submarginal white dot on the dorsal forewing (around cell
CuA2).  I've found that if the lep opens it's wings for even a moment, you
can spot this spot even from a few meters away.  If you see it, it's
definitely V. virginiensis (the spot is present on the ventral side also,
but not as easy to see)."
I think that this is the mark that most of us look for on virginiensis.  The
limitation is that it may not be evident on really worn individuals, when most
of the other marks persist.  But once seen, it is definitive.
M. Gochfeld
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