Tucson sightings

BMW60 bmw60 at aol.com
Tue Jan 9 19:16:51 EST 2001

Yea, its me again, Bill in Tucson.  We had a string of pretty good days in a
row so I got off my lazy butt and hiked up Pima Canyon Trailhead on the 8th.
It started a little slow but I was surprised to see so many butterflies 10
minutes into the hike.  I observed about 20 Sara Orange-tips, 3 Pime or Desert
Orange-tips, 3 Mexican Yellows, 3 Sleepy Orange, 1 Mourning Cloak, 4 Snouts, 3
Marina Blues, and your token, unidentifiable, small black skipper.  I was
really just looking for the scenery and exercise, so I was pleasantly
surprised.  Thats all folks.
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