Photos of urban monarch overwintering sites in California

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Wed Jan 10 21:59:29 EST 2001

> I am only keeping an open mind, and merely questioning
> whether this is really solid evidence that the Monarch's future
> survival is insured and that we have nothing to worry about.
> I am just asking for more evidence to prove it in a scientific
> sense
The kinds of pictures I really need to post are aerial photos
of the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and other parts of
the California coast that go back 25-50-75 years.
In any given area of the California coast, new landscape
plantings of evergreen trees (chiefly eucalyptus, pines and
cypress will acompany new new real estate and
agricultural developments. But these same types of developments
may also remove existing clumps. Thus the real issue is whether
or not new tree planting is keeping pace with or exceeding
the rate of tree removal.
What one finds is a mixed bag with a trend toward more tree
cover in some areas and slightly less in other areas. In a month or
so I'll get my slides scanned and organized and will post
aerial photos of different areas of the coast in recent years
as compared to 25-50-75 years ago.
Paul Cherubini.
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