Fw: wear it only if it fits

Martha Rosett Lutz lutzrun at avalon.net
Sun Jan 14 13:29:33 EST 2001

Thanks, Anne!
Especially this:
"If we could return to discussing the issues, citing facts, observations,
describing theories, and bragging about our nice bugs, and lay off the
vilification and character assassination, it might be better for the
bugs in the long run."
"A man convinced against his will
Is of the same opinion still."
Courteous discussion of differences is a great way to learn and to stretch
our conceptual frameworks, but even then there's emphasis on *courtesy* and
on keeping it brief, after which the primary participants should just agree
to disagree and give someone else a chance to take the stage.
I wish I had some nice leps news to brighten this post, but Iowa today is
covered in pure slush--six miles in that slop was like running on cold
bacon grease, and even our box elder bugs (indoors) are taking their Sunday
naps.  The only things I saw moving outside were vehicles, people
de-slushing their sidewalks, and a few other runners out getting wet and
Not even a good day to hunt for Saturniid cocoons!
In Stride,
Martha Rosett Lutz
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