Migration strategies

Chris J. Durden drdn at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Jan 15 01:44:31 EST 2001

be a return trip (the re-colonization) associated with the journey---
requiring the journey be bi-directional to fit the
definition.  Mis-interpretation on my part... or can migration occur in one
direction only?  I didn't want to get into a big definition squabble, but..
>Rudy Benavides
>In the Maryland Piedmont
Migrant birds do fly both ways.
Migrant workers do intend to return home once they have earned enough for
their families.
Migrant locusts do not return home except by random dispersal.
Often the term has been used for a dispersal, wandering or diaspora. I
think this is mis-usage even though it is deeply entrenched and there is a
long literary tradition for this usage.
............Chris Durden
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