Brrrrrrrrownsville - 1/13/01

Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Jan 18 12:29:12 EST 2001

> Hi Mark,
> Did you happen to document the P. rapae? It's actually rather
> uncommon in
> the Lower Rio Grande Valley.
Really?  That's interesting.  The location was essentially residential
amidst agricultural fields in Mission.  It wasn't a surprise for me to see
the Cabbage White.  On the other hand, all the other white leps were Pontia
protodice - which was fairly common.  I had my net, but I did not consider
the record to be of any value - so I did not take the specimen.
I'll keep that in mind on my future trips in the area.  Obviously, I do not
usually choose such benign habitats when I venture into the Lower Rio Grande
- but you never know.  Sometimes it's nice to go looking behind the 7-eleven
- just to remind yourself how much nature can thrive even in developed and
disturbed areas.
Thanks for the info,
Mark Walker
Still raining in Houston (and still cold).
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