Migration strategies

rudy benavides rbenavid at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 19 19:39:23 EST 2001

"I have always considered "emigration" to be an organism's one-way
journey from it's point of origin..."
                                      --- wrote Clay Taylor
So have many others, and not just in the sense of *people movement*. One
study I read described the (one-way movement)emigration of locust. But there
was also the off-line message I received that described the migratory locust
of the palearctic that move from the place where they hatch to lay their
eggs and die elsewhere.
Earlier in the thread, Jean-Michel MAES mentioned that...[Round trip or not.
"Migrations" of Urania from atlantic to pacific coast in
Nicaragua. I do not know why they move and I do not think they go back. Is
this migration ?.
Short trip with goal. Some Pieridae "migrate" by thousands from dry places
to humid places. Is this migration.]
Jean-Michel, I think you can just take your pick (migration, emigration,
dispersal) for the time being... just like everyone else seems to be doing.
Rudy Benavides
P.S. Are animals and insects that are carried unintentionally on board
planes and ships considered emigrants?
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