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Chris J. Durden drdn at
Tue Jan 23 11:10:33 EST 2001

For those of us who joined this list long after the flap about ?Tom (as
indicated below), all this just whizzes over our heads. Is there a synopsis
of the event recorded somewhere. I am guessing these veiled references are
to past USFW cases of which there have now been several of mixed merit and
mixed outcome. There have been a lot of inches of computer screen devoted
to vague innuendo that is lost on those of us who joined later. If you must
discuss these issues please provide names and references so we can catch
up. At least provide a cast of characters. Put up or shut up!
..............Chris Durden
At 08:26 AM 1/23/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Let us abandon the question of the "poacher" before Neil drowns us all
>in data. Neil, would you, as a personal favor to me, post your
>information *on your web page*. I was here during the court trial and
>conviction of "He Who Must Not be Named" and remember well his happy
>decision that he could profitably spend his community service hours
>posting emails to Our List discussing his crimes, his virtues, and how
>we might best redeem our own lives as he had been redeemed.
>All of this has got to be in the archives, and Neil probably stored the
>stuff he wrote somewhere.
>But KEEP it on the web page, for the love of God. Many of us set our
>browsers to reject postings on the subject, by the perps, or even
>containing the word Tom. Those of us who were too dumb to do so, cursed
>a lot.
>Ted Williams wrote an article for Audubon Magazine, the screaming from
>this list shook the world, and it was a long time before the fragile
>peace was declared which now endures.
>As you'll note, there are still hard feelings, here and there, on the
>issue, but it was polarized for a while there.
>Now we are, most of us, contented on a middle ground where it's ok to
>collect, ok not to collect, and *not* ok to spring at each other's
>It is even safe to make small jokes about collecting. As I have a couple
>of boxed butterflies, and have mounted a few micro-moths for a dollhouse
>collection, I am myself a collector ... but was at the forefront among
>the anti-collectors.
>But now we know each other, we understand each other, and it's all
>different. Some of my best friends are collectors, and we dig side by
>side in the same gardens.
>There are some spots, however, still too sore to probe. Let's not go
>Anne Kilmer
>South Florida
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