Papilio joanae

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Sun Jan 28 15:03:03 EST 2001

>One post here would have us believe Heitzman's description of Papilio
>joanae was some kind of knee jerk taxonomy. That individual surely knows
>nothing of Richard Heitzman and his untiring study of Lepidoptera -
>including the working out of the life history of many species.
As that "one individual" (you have a problem naming names, Ron?), I'd thank
you not to misinterpret what I said (usually that's Paul's job). I met
Heitzman, and know about his work, and I *myself* do not question the
validity of joanae. Please indicate exactly where in my post I stated that
I felt joanae was not a valid species. Can't do it, can you? It's called
"jumping to conclusions," Ron. What I said, specifically, was "implying a
level of confidence about the taxon's evolutionary independence that was
NOT shared by the rest of the lepidopterological community". It took a
while, including the follow-up work by Felix, for many people to become
*convinced* of the validity of joanae, and I'm sure there are still many
people who question it out of ignorance.
>Yet one individual has tried to lead us to believe that
>joanae was not accepted by most as a species.
When the original publication came out, I heard a lot of skepticism; a lot
of people didn't buy into it initially. Are you claiming otherwise?
>It is a sad day when the
>ignorant become the experts.
You have a flair for irony. ;-)
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