Good Leps. (was Re: Overpopulation v. Willful Stupidity)

Roger Kendrick hkmoths at
Tue Jan 30 00:54:57 EST 2001

> Anyone seen any good Leps lately?!
Seen last October & November on a wooded hill in Hong Kong (210m /
670' alt.), around a dozen individuals of Acidon paradoxa (Noctuidae,
Hypeninae) - the first time it's been recorded since it was described
by Hampson in 1896. Previously known only from the holotype (Bhutan).
Will post a photo in due course on the Hong Kong Moths website (moth
photos - Noctuidae). Thanks to Dr. Martin Lödl (Vienna, Austria) for
the identification. One might speculate on the apparently disjunct
distribution, but given the paucity of recording in southern China,
northern Indo-china and the eastern end of the Himalayas, I'd guess
it would be quite possible for this species to exist at low
population density and not be recorded.
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