UV light traps - how far above the ground?

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Tue Jan 30 16:38:10 EST 2001

I have made numerous attempts to build a power pack system to operate a MV
light. The electrical cycle to operate 100 watt or even a 30 watt MV bulb on
a DC power source has limited AMP hour cycles. In other words a 30 watt MV
bulb will operate for approximately 2 hours on a 250 AMP 12 battery or
storage cell. Less than 20 minutes with a 175 watt. Also, the electronic
components to produce the cycles required to operate the MV lamps do not
exist. The largest 12 volt power transistor is 442 cycles and no inline
transformer over 400 exist. If anyone knows different, you will get my
attention. I get 20 to 30 request per year for a DC powered MV system light
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