Vanessa movements and Peck's skipper

bill and Dale droberts03 at
Sat Jun 2 14:11:47 EDT 2001

Hi Everyone,
       This is my first post to this group so please be gentle with me.
I have a couple of questions that I'd like to pose to the group and as
I'm both an amateur and somewhat of a beginner (one of those expatriated
birders) I'm not even sure that these questions are appro[priate for
this forum but here goes:
1. The large movement of Vanessa sps.(V. atalanta, V.cardui), Admiral
and Lady, that we are experiencing here in the northeastern U.S., is
this properly termed an irruption, emigration or migration? Are these
terms interchangable or is one or  another term more accurately
descriptive of what's happening?
2. Polites peckius vs.Polites coras ? Since I use "field guides" rather
than monographs to ID butterflies I'm confused about the classification
of Peck's skipper in the Glassberg book vs. the classification of
Yellowpatch skipper in Pyle's Audubon guide. I'm not interested so much
in the competing English vernacular names as I am in the competing
Latinized binomials. Specifically are the two different specific
circumscriptions taxonomic issues or nomenclatural issues?

Bill Yule


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