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Something to watch for re. the Vanessa invasion in southern Saskatchewan and
southern Alberta is the possibility of some of them being Vanessa annabella.
They have been turning up with the cardui in southern BC this spring.  Worth
checking out some closely, I for one am not able to confidently separate
them in flight at a distance

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I live in St. Victor, about 175 km west of you.  I have not definitely 
seen virginiensis but V. cardui has been very common here since the 
beginning of May.  At one time in our back yard,  I counted about 25 
different individuals.  I cannot say whether or not they were all cardui 
or virginiensis.  There were a few atalanta as well but in no greater 
numbers than usual. 

I have seen a few claudia but not a lot.  Generally, I see them 
sporadically late June through September. 

What I have noticed is a depressingly low number of moths at my lights 
and bait at night.  Unfortunately, a number of the ones I have seen are 
armyworms (Pseudaletia unipuncta) and wheat head armyworms (Faronta 
diffusa), which seem to be more common early on then they are wont to be. 

Drop me a line sometime -- maybe we can meet and go out to the Big Muddy 
Badlands sometime. 


Daniel Glaeske
St. Victor, SK

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> Hi, I'm Martin Bailey - a new guy listening in, so I hope that I am not
> speaking out of turn.
> I have been told that noticeable numbers (30+ at a time)  of Vanessa
> virginiensis have been sighted between the Cypress Hills and Medicine Hat,
> Alberta recently.  I, living 200 miles east of the Hills on the Great
> Plains, have seen none.
> In my area, 50 miles north of the U.S./Canada border, waves of Variegated
> Fritllaries (Euptoieta claudia) were to be enjoyed over the last two
> However, that is coming to an end.  My most recent nettings have been of
> badly worn specimens
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