hornworm larva

Chris Conlan conlan at adnc.com
Tue Jun 5 19:59:21 EDT 2001

It's H. lineata for sure.


From: "Thomas Eichlin" <TEichlin at cdfa.ca.gov>
To: <LEPS-L at lists.yale.edu>
Subject: hornworm larva
Date: Mon, Jun 4, 2001, 3:10 PM

Help!  Who knows sphingid larvae?  Can anyone identify the attached images?
I'm sorry for the fuzziness but perhaps there is enough showing for an I.D.
These pics were sent to me from Butte Co., CA on a "house plant."  That is
all a know.  Does Hyles lineata have a color form like this?  T.I.A.



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