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Thomas, Tony tthomas at
Thu Jun 7 13:50:21 EDT 2001

	Please note that the URL's for the Macromoths of Fundy National
Park, New Brunswick, Canada, have been changed. The new URL's are attached
to my signature. I would recommend that you don't try and type these URL's;
simply click on them and then add the URL's to your bookmarks. It took me
half-a-dozen tries to get them correct!
	The old URL's will provide an error message but will link you to the
Atlantic Forestry Centre main page where it is possible to find the moth
site under "links". 
	The site contains no new moth images, but that is about to change.
Processing of new images will begin shortly and will be added to the site at
monthly intervals. Also, a new web page is being developed to reflect the
current moth diversity and beetle diversity work being carried out at the
Acadia Research Forest - the field station for the Atlantic Forestry Centre.

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