The expression, "Dead Butterflies"

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Thu Jun 7 20:41:33 EDT 2001

Here, here!

And for the record...though I never dreamed I would "come to the defense
of" Jeff Glassberg and his eminent domain...I happen to know that he uses
the American Museum of Natural History's Lepidoptera collection in his
research of "field characteristics" for his books and identification of
prototypes.  I've seen him there!

Since Jeff isn't here to defend himself or his imbued philosophy of
NABA's purpose and interest in butterflying, who are we to judge his
"motives," much less his ethical standards?  If he uses collections for
research purposes, then he can't be totally against "collecting" (!) 
Methinks there are too many of ye who are chomping at the bit to vilify
anyone, on mere supposition, with your rabid "anti-collector" hypothesis,
rather than finding out the facts.  

People aren't either "black or white," but mostly shades of grey.  You
have to get to know them...  Unfortunately, that is easier said than done
in our phony and covert society.

M.B. Prondzinski

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001 11:55:10 -0400 Michael Gochfeld
<gochfeld at EOHSI.RUTGERS.EDU> writes:
> LeRoy wrote: "pictures of dead butterfies" by many watchers 
> and 
> those associated with NABA.
> I would caution against generalizing about "those associated with 
> NABA" 
> or imputing to them specific sentiments regarding collecting. 
> Whatever the organizations official policy, some collectors belong 
> to 
> NABA.  Some NABA people who don't collect themselves, don't 
> necessarily 
> object to collecting.  Some people who object to collecting for 
> commercial purposes (sale or trade) don't object to collecting for 
> scientific purposes. 
> Some people who collect "for scientific purposes" may be doing less 
> "science" than they could. 
> Perhaps some are like the Japanese whaling industry which justifies 
> its 
> continuing and increasing harvest "for research".
> M. Gochfeld  
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