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Mike Soukup mikayak at
Fri Jun 8 08:01:11 EDT 2001

Here in Maryland, it has been a mixed season.  The spring started out
hot.....I had the A/C running in April.  Then, in May, it got cool and
began raining.  It has rained almost every day over the past month.  My
running total in my rain guage is around 11 inches for the past
month!!!  The mothing season here has been slow....with little at my
"yard lights".

    However, historically, June 6 is a GREAT night in Southern Maryland
for Citheronia I made myself a pot of coffee and
headed out.  I drive a circuit from Annapolis to Southern Maryland -
checking the lights at all stores, supermarkets, schools, etc.  I mostly
look for females (need that ova!)...but I keep track of most everything
and I collect anything interesting.

Species list:

Dryocampa rubicunda - about 50 males, 1 female
Anisota virginiensis - 2 females
Citheronia sepulcralis - 1 male
Citheronia regalis - 1 male
Automeris io - 3 males
Actias luna - 15 males, 2 females
Antheraea polyphemus - 5 males, 1 female
Callosamia angulifera - 1 female

Paonias myops - 3 males
Eumorpha pandora - 2 males
Patraea plebja  - 3 males
Ceratomia amynytor - 1 male

Also, there were several male Great Leopards (Ecpantheria scribona)
and many P. isabella's about.  The summer swarms of M. americana and M.
disstria were just beginning to show up.

Fianlly, I saw something I have not seen before.  Under a super bright
(metal halide - I think) light in a parking lot, there was an ornamental
basswood tree.  It was blooming.  As I drove thru the lot, I noticed
alot of "smaller" moths around that particular light.  as I drove up
next to the light, a "swarm" of moths flew out of the tree.  I got out
to investigate.  As I approached the tree, I realized it was totally
swarming.  There were several thousand (no exaggeration!) specimens of
the Common Armyworm  (Pseuadaletia unipuncta) nectaring on the blooms.
I collected a few for verification and moved on.   But, it was a
interesting sight.


    Almost all of the specimens were extremely fresh.  I think we are
having a late spring here and the best is yet to come.  The only "odd"
thing  was the regalis....which really shouldn't be out for another 2
weeks or so.  So, I'll be back on the trail again next week......
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