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Completely off-topic, but just a view from the other side of the ocean:
Not to correct anybody, but 'individuals' is not exactly true.
And it's getting to the point that where Switzerland, Monaco and some others
are well-known tax-friendly countries (to put it mildly), the States are
becoming the Lawyer-nation.
Some examples:
Barbara divorces Boris Becker (tennis-star) in Florida because she can get
more out of it (they are Germans, with a marriage-contract made up in
There is now a case for the burned in Austria last winter,
The former Nazi-slaves get their rights through US courts,

(I'm not saying that any of these are wrong or right, these are just
examples where the US courts are being used for other nation's people).


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>Dr. Koehn wrote:
>"Let me see if I understand how America works lately . . .correct me if I
>am wrong, Please!!!!!!
>If a woman burns her thighs on the hot coffee she was
>holding in her lap while driving, she blames the restaurant."
>et cetera.
>I am glad to correct you, Dr. Koehn.  That is not how America works . . .
>it is how a few individuals try to get out of taking responsibility for
>their own actions, or try to exploit episodes of misfortune or poor
>If you want to see how America works, visit my neighborhood on a snowy day
>in winter, when the teens are busy shoveling out the driveways and
>sidewalks of elderly or disabled neighbors.  Visit The Fun Zone, a toy shop
>here in Iowa City, where the owner made (by hand) a stuffed bear for a
>little boy who wanted a kind of bear not available from commercial sources
>(a "Quiet Red Bear") and gave it to the child--no charge.  Visit Lisa
>Roberts, a cancer survivor in Fayette County (Iowa), who coordinates
>assignment to homes for high school students visiting America from
>countries in Europe.  Lisa always takes one of the students into her own
>home, in addition to raising her own two children, coaching at a local
>school, and being involved in community activities.
>And then there are the two professionals from the University of Iowa who
>donated their time and expertise to present seminars on eating disorders
>and sports nutrition for the Iowa City community.
>Not to mention the local medical doctors who volunteer their time to run a
>free medical clinic for people who cannot afford insurance.
>Or the young boy who donated almost his entire life savings (at about age
>10) to a fund to help a disabled man afford to travel to visit his family
>in another state.
>I could go on and on.  You won't read about these people in the newspapers.
>What they do isn't 'news.'  It's just the way America works, and there's
>nothing newsworthy about that, is there?
>Anyway, take heart.  What makes the headlines is not representative of how
>America works, anymore than a two-headed calf is representative of the
>dairy industry.  It just sells papers better, that's all.
>No real lep news today . . . our 69th day of rain since Spring officially
>began, and my younger daughter found a forewing of a Red Admiral on the
>track this morning, otherwise not much to tell!
>In Stride,
>Martha Rosett Lutz
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