NY Times Butterflying Article

Rudy Benavides rbenavid at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 15:33:55 EDT 2001

Wanda Dameron wrote:
>A good article you may wish to read:    Cheers, WD

Interesting that the article mentioned Red-spotted Purples (Limenitis 
arthemis astyanax) and salts from excrement.  Just a few days ago I almost 
stumbled on three Red-spotted Purples that were settled on dog excrement. 
What surprised me was their selection of the possibilities available to 
them.  All three were intent on a pile that was much drier in comparison to 
other more recent moist offerings just a few feet away (including that of my 
own dog).  So my question to the group is, does it get saltier as it dries 

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