Ny Times this is getting silly.

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Mon Jun 11 06:23:17 EDT 2001

>From: "Chris J. Durden" <drdn at mail.utexas.edu>
>Subject: Re: NY Times Butterflying Article
>   I don't think you get the point.
>   It is the anti-collection-movement that is advocated by NABA that is
> the voice of crankyness. It is the voice of the animal rights fringe and
> the anti vivisectionists. One gentleman in history who felt strongly
> enough about the sanctity of butterfly life, to establish a law against
> collecting them in his country was Ad*lph H*tl*r. Surely this was cranky.
> I understand his law has never been repealed. Maybe one of our colleagues
> in Germany has better information concerning the law against collecting
> butterflies in his country.
>   We collectors just want to be left alone to do our thing, as we have a
> historical right to do, and a scientific mandate to do.
>...........Chris Durden

First of all on a point of fact regarding German legislation.
Yes there are problems because of silly legislation. I believe it is modern
has nothing to do with genocidal maniacs.

Secondly. This is getting silly.
I invoke Godwin's Law. This argument is now over and by tradition you have
just lost it.

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