Big Moth Trouble.

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Tue Jun 12 07:40:35 EDT 2001

Relax Ron. It could be worse! I was rearing Citheronia regalis one time and brought the pupae in early in the spring. I placed them in some open containers in my bug room. They were inside several days when my wife MADE new curtains for the windows in my bug room (They were light green with butterflies). A week later we went out of town and upon our return, I found about a dozen of the beasts had emerged. They mated on the new curtauns and left a bunch of, a, a, a well, the stuff Bill Clinton deposited on Monica's blue dress, you know what I mean. I did my best Monica impersonation to try and clean it up. But just like Monica, I just didn't get it all and then my wife discovered the mess. 

Like Bill Clinton, I survived and I am still alive, however, we buy the curtains for my bug room now! 



P/S: I know we don't dicuss none Lepidoptera related politics on this lists, However, that whole mess with Bill and Monica and the blue dress was over money. After all, the only thing the FBI could find in the pocket of Monica's blue dress was a wad of bills.


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