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    An exhibited butterfly collection fades in light. I gather from your 
postings that this may not be much of a problem in Ireland. Eventually all 
the specimens end up in shades of beige. Not so if they are kept in a 
drawer and only looked at occasionally.
    An exhibit of butterflies that uses the minimum number of specimens may 
be prepared by glueing small corks to a mirror, then pinning the spread 
specimen on the cork. This way both side of the specimen may be seen at 
once. Now it is possible to make an even more attractive display by 
drilling holes in plastic mirror tiles, pinning the specimens through the 
    By the way, the descendants of Cathar families have never forgiven the 
Catholic Church for assisting the French king in his regional genocide.
..................Chris Durden

At 07:48 AM 6/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Anthocharis cardamine
>Speaking of dead butterflies ... I am having considerable trouble
>finding useful pictures of the various white butterflies which
>presumably abound in these parts.
>For some reason, the photos of the Orange Tip are mostly of the male,
>which in fact I have no particular trouble identifying, rather than of
>the female, who looks, as far as I can tell, pretty much like the Small
>White and the Green-Veined White.
>I thought I had found a female, until she went into a happy courting
>flight with what was definitely a female green-veined white, indicating
>that I had the species and the sex wrong. Definitely a butterfly though.
>There's a butterfly house in Galway, and I suppose I can go look at
>their dead bug collection. And there's a museum in Dublin. But wouldn't
>it be handy if the schools or libraries or some such could display a
>nicely curated collection, so that beginners could go look at the actual
>bug, holding still? Because I'm sorry, but a photo, even of a pinned
>specimen, is just not as good, for learning the bug, as the real thing.
>Meanwhile, does anybody happen to have good photos (URLs) of the Orange
>Tip female?
>Anne Kilmer
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