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I am a Lepidopterists.

I do more than just "collect" butterflies and moths.

I work out life histories and record/photograp/preserve the immature stages.

I report my field work, records & observations in publications of 
Lepidopterists organization.

I photograph.

I search for larvae.

I observe.

I record.

I have a butterfly garden

I have a collection of specimens that is a natural history record.

I design and build equipment used by other Lepidopterists. 

And, I occasionally watch.

It began as a curious boyhood hobby and grew to a passion as an adult.

I have been a Lepidopterists for over 48 of my 56 years.

I have watched many of my favorite localities and habitats leveled by the 
bulldozer. I have seen the drift from insecticide spraying of crops kill 
thousands of insects around the fields and into the forest, including 
butterflies. I have witnessed the tremendous growth of the Pest Control 
business (Don't kid yourself. When the Orkin man treats your lawn with 
insecticides, what about the skipper larvae muching on your lawn grass) I 
have watched the rain forest destroyed.  And the best that some of you can do 
is oppose collecting. 

By the way, how many watchers and Lepidopterists have seen the late fall form 
of Colias philodice that flies in the Midwest? I began rearing both Colias 
philodice and Colias eurytheme from adult females I collected very early this 
spring. I would like to know what happens to the ova/larva of these late fall 
fliers. I intend to find out. I take it that some of you are opposed to this 
type of collecting field work as well?

The latest on Timothy McVeigh, he is still dead (I need to go to bed!).


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