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Gosh, sounds as though the butterfly people started out as lumpers but, as
they learned more, became splitters! (OK, I am going to run away now...)


Ron Gatrelle wrote:
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> Oh, one more thing. When I had those dreams I only saw me and my own kind.
> On the other side I found that there are hundreds of thousands of kinds.
> The butterfly people had collected us from all over the Universe. Some
> looked just like we humans but the collectors have found that they are
> actually a very different kind. This caused the curators and some others
> they worked with called the... TNC, I think, to realize just how unique
> some of these kinds and subkinds were and that they needed to have their
> worlds protected from destruction. (The butterfly people love to eat
> flowers and they would sometimes plow under entire planets to plant them
> with flower food.)
> At one time the butterfly people were ignorant and just thought we were all
> the same as we all looked alike to them when they first began to notice us.
> I was so ignorant myself. I had no idea, not a clue. But that is how
> ignorance works - it makes one afraid, and I was - from the outside looking
> in. But now I wish everyone could know what I know about being collected
> and pinned.
> Sadly now, I haven't had those dreams for a long long time. I miss them.
> The last time I had the dream, just before I was sent back to awake land,
> the dear lady who had curated me said that some of the butterfly people
> were trying to stop what they were doing. I guess they succeeded.
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