caterpillar ID?

Randy Emmitt birdcr at
Wed Jun 13 18:17:20 EDT 2001


Thanks to Dr James Adams he send me a link to a page with his photos it`s a 
Saucrobotys futilalis, a pyralid moth.
Check out the pictures on his website at:

Thanks James I`m sure many of us are seeing these critters now because they 
are everywhere it seems.

Randy Emmitt
Rougemont, NC

At 11:08 AM 6/13/01, DR. JAMES ADAMS wrote:
> > I`m trying to ID a orange caterpillar that`s been stripping my
> > Dogbane, Apocynum cannabinum. Been seeing small whitish moths all over
> > the dogbane.
> >
> > Here`s a description of the cat:
> > About 5/8 inch long orange/brown, each segment has 2 sets of black
> > spots with one small black hair in each black dot, dots are staggered
> > on segments. The head is black with whitish black marbling before the
> > head. The feet are translucent white with a single black dot at the
> > base of the foot. The rear end looks to have false feet or slight
> > horns. The cats seem to group up in a silk tent at the ends of the
> > plants when young.
>The caterpillar is very likely Saucrobotys futilalis, a pyralid moth.
>Check out the pictures on my website at:
>Let me know if it is a match.
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