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Wed Jun 13 21:23:50 EDT 2001

I have a solution to all the maligned, personal speculation and
persecution on the "intent of NABA:"  Why not just ring up Jeff Glassberg
and ask him point-blank what his personal position IS on "collecting?!" 
I'm sure he is accessable...I have his phone number.

Or would that take all the "fun" out of ranting, raving and berating on
YOUR personal positions?!  The man is an attorney, so I'm sure he is
quite as capable of "spinning" his take on his position, as the rest of
you are for him...

Any takers can email me privately (!)  I'm willing to bet there won't be

Isn't it nice that butterflies don't think, much less expound on their
"misunderstood lot in life..."  Must be why they are so "popular."

M.B. Prondzinski
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