The Butterflies Fad

Joel Lyons jrlyons at
Wed Jun 13 21:34:28 EDT 2001

The Butterflies' Fad was written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox,
probably around 1852.  It is included in the section called
Digressions and Quotations (page 186) of my 1901 edition
of W. J. Holland's THE BUTTERFLY BOOK.  So, Ella
gets another 15 minutes of well deserved fame.  By the
way, there's another poem "Luther's Saddest Experience
(Yale Literary Magazine, 1852)," and another "Uncle
Jotham's Boarder (Annie Trumbull Slosson)" about a
'naturalist's' strange behavior while visiting - coming soon
for your summer umbrage.

Sharing the mirth!
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