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Wed Jun 13 23:30:31 EDT 2001

Quite true Michael. As the dermestids eat the type specimens, palettes of 
the publications containing the original decriptions, in journals that have 
not been often or recently consulted leave the back of the library for the 
shredder, the landfill or to be recycled through the power company burners.
   They used to do this in the Middle Ages, scraping the writing off 
ancient Greek manuscripts so new important books could be written on the 
parchment. Rather like putting up an amusement park on the last prime 
habitat of a vanishing butterfly.
...........Chris Durden

At 03:02 PM 6/13/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Ron is really dreaming.  Immortality on a pin assumes that you will be
>properly curated.  There's a good chance that won't happen, so Ron on
>the Pin it's only an illusion of immortality----which is probably all we
>achieve with our scientific papers and nomenclatorial innovations.
>M. Gochfeld
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