False connection (not really)

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Dear Chris,
	The editorial was written by Glassberg, but was crafted and voted on
by the Board of Directors. I will need one of those buttons as well, so
collectors I meet in the field won't feel as threatened when they notice my
	Please note that Glassberg's orginal idea was to attract as many
people to NABA as possible to have some strength of numbers on butterfly
conservation matters (maybe like the Audubon Society). In order to attract
all of those folks like bored birders and gardeners, he felt that they might
be put off by collecting and even the use of nets on outings. Frankly, I
think he is right for attracting the most people. I personally like to use a
net and plastic baggies to show non-butterfliers, especially kids,
butterflies close up. When she started her interest in butterflies, my own
daughter used my net all the time because she hated using binoculars.
	One of the concerns early on at NABA was that the collectors would
be alienated by this approach and it was one reason for the policy statement
printed in the first issue of American Butterflies. Unfortunately, in
reading many anti-NABA posting on leps-L over the years, it is clear this
still is a real concern. I'm particularly sorry when good people like you,
who have been so generous in sharing your extentive knowledge of butterflies
with the rest of the group, feel so negative towards NABA.
---Best regards, Fred
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>   "Collecting butterflies is not included among the purposes of NABA
> but NABA is not in opposition to other groups for which this may be a
> legitimate purpose".
> Thanks Fred, I shall print this on a button and wear it along with my 
> permits when next I go collecting in public. May we attribute it to the 
> Board of Directors of NABA or to Jeff Glassberg directly?
> .................Chris Durden
> At 08:07 AM 6/14/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> "Because
> >a number of people have asked about the position of NABA in regard to
> >collecting butterflies, the board voted to adopt the following policy
> >statement: Collecting butterflies is not included among the purposes of
> >but NABA is not in opposition to other groups for which this may be a
> >legitimate purpose."
> >---Fred


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