Mosquitos and mosquito control

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Thu Jun 14 22:46:00 EDT 2001

The notion of allowing a mosquito to finish her blood meal may have been 
in jest, but when I worked in a virus lab in Trinidad we hired 
"volunteers" to stand at various levels in the canopy to let mosquitoes 
land.  But they weren't supposed to wait to get bitten, rather they 
aspirated them into vials. However, I was told that when 10 or more 
mosquitoes were biting at once it was hard to get them all before they 
drew blood.  

Pretty nervy. 

Apropos of the NABA web site, I was pleased to discover that my article 
on WEST NILE which appeared in AMERICAN BUTTERFLIES last year, was the 
lead link on the NABA homepage.  Somehow journalists all over the 
country have picked up this article and call to ask for my opinion about 
spraying (as if it weren't clearly articulated in the article). 

OUr county planned to spray last night, until they found out that the 
two different pesticides they had purchased did not meet specifications 
and could not be used.  Doesn't speak well for the integrity of the 
suppliers.  One of the main contractors for New York last year has been 
charged with fraud.  And people expect the public to believe that it's 
all harmless to them (just stay indoors, turn off the air conditioner, 
cover the fish pond and children's toys, and oh yes, don't breathe any 
more than you have to. )

M. Gochfeld


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