NABA policy debate #2

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Fri Jun 15 06:27:56 EDT 2001

Ron is probably right: "I have not been involved is the NABA thread till 
now.  I would sum this up as an exercise in futility on both (all) 

But the following is meant to reflect the NABA web site and 
misinformation regarding what is posted.  Whether all members believe it 
or care and whether non-members believe it or care, is another issue. 

First it has been suggested that NABA is anti-scientific. I would not 
characterize NABA as a scientific organization. It is an educational and 
conservation and certainly a social organization. It has many members 
who are not scientists (as does LEP SOC), I might add. And it has many 
members who are scientists, although not all are entomologists. 


The membership proselytizing that is done is neither anti-science, 
anti-collecting, nor pro-animal "rights" (whatever that is)

                NABA, a non-profit organization, is working to promote 
the public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies. Please support us 
in these efforts. Members receive  American Butterflies and Butterfly 
Garden News.




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