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three posts have come through as the below which are totally irrelevant to
my post. These must not have actually or thoroughly read it - AND the
statements on the leps-l subscriber's list I referenced us to. If I were a
professor giving an assignment to report on the post your grade would be an

Any dummy knows that there are gobs of people reading these posts - I
stated that clearly. I also stated that because this mode of communication
is an open line that none of us who subscribe mind - we expect it. I said.

"Now these are not private messages - so the fact that someone unknown to
"us" is checking them out is no matter to me nor the rest of un, I'm sure."

I also clearly stated that if for any number of valid reasons someone
wanted to remain anonymous and in that sense "concealed" that that was not
a problem either. I said.

"If President Bush or Pamela Anderson wanted to subscribe to leps-l and for
the obvious reason didn't want the rest of us to "know" just who they were,
that would be facilitated easily by code names. They would be 'concealed'."

If one was paying attention to both - my post and the apparent meaning of
the statements on the Leps-l subscribers list page - there are people
(entities) specifically subscribed to leps-l that are intentionally totally
covert. I said.

"But it does bother me that anyone would want or need to be totally
concealed."  These are the spies. Intentionally subscribed. Intentionally
totally hidden. Intentionally non-participants. And just like an
intentional KGB wire tap, totally unwanted by ME.

Now, if I have somehow totally misconstrued the wording of the leps-l memo
to subscribers and these "concealed" are something other than what I have
understood. Then this whole thing is moot and a tempest in a tea pot. But
if not it is creepy to have people anywhere in the world who like to creep
around and spy on (not just listen in on) others.

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> Ron Gatrelle wrote:
> >
> > The leps-l list of subscribers can be downloaded as follows. Address
> > email to LISTPROC at LISTS.YALE.EDU  . No subject is needed. Send the
> > message -  REV LEPS-L .  Momentarily you will be sent an email with the
> > non-concealed names and addresses on this list.
> The official subscriber list is probably just a small fraction of the
> readership -- many of us don't subscribe but read it at
> news:sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera
> or http://birdingonthe.net/mailinglists/LEPS.html
> There may be untold thousands spying on your messages...
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