Field Report..if they are still allowed ;-) - Saturniids

Mike Soukup mikayak at
Fri Jun 15 17:13:09 EDT 2001

I wasn't sure if I was still allowed to post anything other than the
NABA policy "debate" on this list.....  But, what the heck, I'm a rebel

Well, I ran my Annapolis to southern Maryland all-nighter again last
night in my "quest for ova".  Things were hopping much more than last
week.  It's amazng what a few 85 degree days with 99.999% humidity can
do.  Here's a list of my sightings and observations.

    First of all, the Tent Caterpillar Moths (Malacosoma americana and
M. disstria) were out in full force.  Thousands of them.  How
wonderful!  The Notodontiids were also well represented with many
Heterocampa obliqua (some HUGE females) in abundance and an unusual
number of Clostera albosigma (I have noticed an explosion of them this
year at my house lights as well).  Here is my list of the "more notable"
and larger moths:

Citheronia regalis - 9 - all males
Citheronia sepulcralis - 10 males - 1 female (I'm a happy boy!)
Anisota virginiensis - 1 female
Dryocampa rubicunda - several hundred males - 2 females
Automeris io - 4 males - 1 female
Actias luna- 17 males - 2 females
Antheraea polyphemus - 7 males - 2 females
Callosamia angulifera - 8 males - 2 females
Hylophora cecropia - 1 male (unusual!)

Darapsa myron - 6
Darapsa pholus - 2
Dolba hyloeus - 1
Eumorpha achemon!!!! - 2 ( I haven't seen one of these in a while...)
Paonias myops - 4

Arctiids / Misc.
Ecpanthera scribona - 3 males
Artace cribraria - 3 males
Hallisidota tesselaris - hundreds

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