pocket nets

John Shuey jshuey at tnc.org
Fri Jun 15 18:25:16 EDT 2001

Pocket nets are actually pretty useful for those of us who travel a
lot.  I can
pack a net in a back pack and be in the field within minutes.  Plus if
you work
with extension nets in the tropics much, the light spring-steel rim is a

necessity on the end of a 20-foot long handle.  Try holding a long net
with a
standard 18" rim out that far without bending the handle!

As to Neil's assertion that Tom Kral et al coined the "National Park
nick-name - it certainly goes back much further than that.  The first
time I
ever saw the BioQuip sales display at an Ent Soc Meeting (1983 to be
that's what the salesman casually called the net.  I'd guess that the
origin of
the name goes back to the day the net was first marketed.

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