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Mon Jun 18 04:21:00 EDT 2001

In southern Europe there are frequently Asclepias spp. and Calotropis
procera in gardens (S. France, Spain, Italy). These are used as
foodplants by invading aliens from Africa (Danaus chrysippus) and
America (D. plexippus).

Vincetoxicum officinale (I don't know the English name, in French
'dompte-venin') is the only Asclepiadaceae that may be found in
mid-Europe. This very toxic plant is used by a specialist fauna, among
others (?) by the nice chrysomelid Chrysochus asclepiadeus Linnaeus ...

Something in the species name (of the beetle) suggests that a former
name of the plant was Asclepias officinale, at least for my old friend
Carl von... 

Pierre Zagatti

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