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Are you trying to tell us that you go out late at night to pick up


William Oehlke wrote:
> Irish moss is harvested on Prince Edward Island, Canada, when on-shore
> winds blow the sea herb ashore.
> Last night as I was making my midnight moth collecting run at various
> security lights in the community, I spotted an RCMP officer.  I
> flashed my car lights on and off a few times and pulled over to the
> side of the road.  I wanted to let him know exactly what I was doing.
> He pulled over and our conversation went like this:
> "Hi, I'm Bill Oehlke and I just wanted to tell you that I visit
> several buildings late at night to collect moths.  I usually go to
> Holland College, the Services Center, Dodge dealership, school, etc."
> "What do you collect the moss with, a rake?" he asked.
> "Pardon?" I ask.
> "What do you use to gather the moss?"
> "Oh, not moss, M-OT-H-S; I've got one in the bag.  Do you want to see
> it?"
> "No, that's okay.  What do you do with them?"
> .........
> I had to chuckle.  Strange as moth collectors are, the thought of
> someone gathering moss at midnight seemed even stranger.
> I managed to pick up females of Actias luna, Antheraea polyphemus and
> Hyalophora columbia as well as a good laugh.
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