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Hi,  I received this description of caterpillar. Sounds quite similar to what we call tussock moths in U.S. and Canada:

I found this Caterpillar eating a leaf on a hazel shrub,in my garden in
Swindon, Wiltshire, England,  it's overall length is 2 cm, the back
ground colour of the body is gray,with a double row of orange spots down
each side, each spot has a clump of fine hairs protruding, it has a
black streak along its back with 4, 2mm high tufts of yellow hair mid
way along it's back, it has long fury antennae, and a 4mm long tail
standing up from the extremity of it's back , I am very interested to
find out what type of Caterpillar this is thank you in anticipation,
                                            Yours Trevor Mills.

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