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	The question arose about White vs. Common Checkered-Skippers (Pyrgus
albescens/P.communis) this weekend on a BF Count and did a bit of
research that you may find interesting and helpful or confusing....

	John Burns (D/Ent., Smithsonian, Wash DC) did a research study over
many years of over 4200 genitalia of this Pyrgus group that looks very
similar.  (Ref. Journal of the Lep Society, Vol. 54, #2, Nov. 2000 pg
52-71; also presented at Lep Soc Mtg in Az 8/99.)

	Burns' results are represented on a distributional map.  Working east,
Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and So. Carolina
states north are all Common Checkered-Skippers.  Southern Cal is
entirely albescens, EXCEPT for 1 specimen (1936) taken in Tahquitz Cyn,
San Jacinto Mts. Riverside.   While White Ch.-Sk are primarily in the
southern areas of the other states, there are areas of overlap.  Should
you have a question, best to check the referenced issue, OR if you get
desperate, email me your County and aprx. location of county within
state and will check it out.  

	As a result, NABA also shows them as split: White Checkered-Skipper &
Common Checkered-Skipper in the first Common Names revision
(2001)--previously listed as subspecies of Common.   The new BTB-West
does not show the split since it went to the printer before publication
of the name revision.  Note also that the distribution maps don't quite
agree with the Burns study, especially for Common.  BTB-West does show
ventrals of both species--White from Imperial Co., Ca & Common from
Jefferson Co., Tx.; however by Burn distributional references the Common
pix is also likely of White.....   

					Good Luck, Wanda

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