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Wed Jun 27 09:02:16 EDT 2001

Last weekend, my buddy Mark Lasko came down with me and we "drove the
circuit" down to So. MD once again.   It was cooler and rainier....and
there was not as much out at the lights.  The Malacasoma outbreak is
mostly done and the number of Notodontids had increased....but it was a
less fruiful night.  The female regalis still evaded us...although we
saw about 5 males.  The big excitement (for me) was when I spied the
Black Witch (Ascaphala odorata) on a wall in St. Leonard, MD.  It was
not near any was about 40 feet away on an adjacent wall.  I
saw the brown patch as I was driving by and assumed it was a mark on the
wall - or something stuck to it.  However, as I went past, I saw
"movement" out of the corner of my eye.  "I think I see a Black Witch",
I said and threw it into reverse.  Sure enough, a very worn female was
sitting about 15 feet up on the wall.  I took a risky, gymnastic leap
from an air conditioning unit - sweeping upward as I fell.  But, I got
her.  Definitely not the best witch in my collection ....but it sure is
my favorite now!!!  Nothing like a "first" to make a night.  Anyway,
here's the "list"

Citheronia regalis - 5 males
Citheronia sepulcralis - 5 males.
Anisota virginiensis - 5 females
Dryocampa rubicunda - about 50 males (stopped counting) and 6
females     (the most females I've EVER seen at once)
Automeris io - 7 males, 1 female (at my house)
Actias luna  - 13 males, 3 females
Antheraea polyphemus - 4 males
Callosamia angulifera - 4 males , 3 females
Hylophora cecropia - 1 big fat females (shame they don't "come to

Ceratomia amynytor - 3 males
Eumporpha pandora - 2 males, 1 f
Darapsa myron - 7
Paonias myops - 5


Prionoxystus robinae - 3 females
Apatelodes torrefacta - 3
Artace cribraria - 5 m
Lagoa crispata - 6 m
Magalopyge opercularis - 2
Herterocampa umbrata - 20 or so
Lochmaeus manteo - 1 huge beautiful female
Macurocampa marthesia - 10-15
Datana sp. (I just can't tell (some of) them apart...if anybody ever
want's to help me separate the Datana's in my collection...let me
know!!! ;-) - 13
Nadata gibbosa - who really cares???
Heterocampa obliqua - 15-20
Peridea ferruginia - 1
Heterocamnpa biundata - 4
Ecpantheria scribona - 4 males
Halysidota tesselaris - too many to count!
Ascaphala odorata  - female

There were, of course, other micros, Geometers and some Arctiids...but,
I can't keep track of EVERYTHING!!!  I drive, collect, and take notes
all night..  I get home about 6:30 AM, tired, FULL of cofee, and having
to deal with tons of new livestock before throwing my kayak on the roof
and heading to Western MAryland by 10 AM for some Class IV-V whitewater
adventure (it's a tough life....but somebody has to do it!!!)

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