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Sat Jun 30 03:40:48 EDT 2001

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> I am NOT a butterfly / moth person but I have seen for the last week or so
> butterfly or moth (whatever the difference is) that has caught my eye.
> It is rather like a large ladybird - red with black spots quite small
(3 -4
> cm I would guess) and rounded wings, most peculiar.  I have not had chance
> to get close-up yet so am unable to give you much more to go on.
> They a quite numerous at about 7 - 8 am (when I am walking the dog) but
> in the evening.  They appear to be very interested in the tops of long
> grasses.  Oh yes the place is Bristol in England (that might help a

Sounds as though it might be some sort of Burnet moth (Zygaenidae). Counting
the spots might help further!. You might well find their spindle shaped,
yellowish cocoons attached to the same grass stems too.

Good luck with it.
Stuart Roberts


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