American Ladies in the East

rudy benavides rbenavid at
Tue May 1 02:35:28 EDT 2001


Based on what I have been seeing hereabouts in Maryland, your description of 
V. virginiensis also applies here as well.  I had been wondering about their 
condition.  Thanks!

Rudy Benavides

>From: Michael Gochfeld <gochfeld at EOHSI.RUTGERS.EDU>
>Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 21:28:20 -0400
>Apropos of the migration of Painted Ladies:
>American Ladies, Vanessa virginiensis, is unusually common this spring
>in central and northern New Jersey. First appearing about mid-April
>after a very cold and protracted late winter/early spring, the
>individuals are still quite worn. They are present in the tens and
>twenties, not an inundation, but unusual numbers nonetheless. They >don't
>really seem to be migrating as much as hanging around. There is some
>speculation that these may have overwintered locally as adults (hence
>the very worn condition) rather than being migrants from further south.
>M. Gochfeld

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